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Seattle Faux Finishes

Color wash
Color washes use paint that’s been thinned with glazing to create subtle color variations in painted surfaces. Color washes are ideal to liven up large open wall spaces.

Graining is a paint technique that recreates the unique grain patterns of exotic woods. It’s typically used on common wood to mimic endangered or upscale wood products.

Marble patterns are completely unique to the stone. This faux finishing technique can be used on walls, floors and furniture to replicate the look of genuine marble. It’s an inexpensive way to add a high-end touch to certain spaces in your home.

Rag painting
In this technique, a random glaze pattern is applied to walls using a twisted, tied or bunched rag. The result creates a textured look.

Sponge painting
Using this technique, paint and glazes are applied to walls using a sea sponge. The sponge can be shaped or it can be left in its natural state. This application creates either a random or repeating pattern, and can be reminiscent of wall paper.

Strié is an application technique that creates a fine striped texture. The strié technique typically starts with an application of glaze over the surface. A brush is used to selectively remove glazing. The result a fine striped pattern. Strié can be applied vertically, horizontally or both. When combined, it creates an appearance that resembles woven cloth, like denim or linen.

Venetian plaster
Venetian plaster is a surface technique that combines plaster and marble dust. The mixture is applied to the wall or ceiling surface in multiple layers. The coating is then polished smooth to create the illusion of depth and texture commonly found in marble. Venetian plaster can be tinted to create a specific color – even one that doesn’t occur naturally!

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